January 1, 2015

twenty fifteen.

I hope everyone had a great end to 2014.

Today we turn the page to a fresh start. 

New dreams, hope, goals and ambitions. Whatever it may be something small or your plan to take over the world... write it down pin it up where you can see it and make sure to check it off your list by years end.

It's funny how the first day of a new year gives you that can do feeling. I'm hoping to keep that feeling going all year and stop doubting myself. I realized that I'm the one holding myself back and I need to Let it Go! (yes sorry I had too...) 

We wrote down our goals for 2015 last night; Avery's were to write better and bake (? gotta love a 4 year olds mind). As a family we dubbed it the year of adventure and experiences because if there is one thing we've learned over the past year or so is...you can't take it with you.

cheers to 2015...bring it on!

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