March 16, 2015

new dresser added to the shop!

New piece added to the shop to start off your Monday morning!

Warm red finish with jute rope knot pulls.

(I have to apologize for the photos I had to take them in my basement so the lighting is awful and really doesn't do the furniture much justice. With the snow and lack of space I just couldn't haul it into the house to grab some photos.)

March 5, 2015

a day in the life of a stay at home working mom.

I'm always interested in other peoples schedules. You know the routine, how you manage to get through the day.
I am lucky enough to work at home and it seems nice and all but most days are a crazy hot mess. I'll be the first to admit I for sure do not have it together. 

The end result of my furniture pictures may make you think all is in its place and things run smoothly but its the behind the scenes, that is real life.

For example to get this:

there's a whole lot of this:

I thought it would be fun documenting a "working" day through photos. I kept notes throughout the day and at the end of the day I looked back and had a good laugh. 

I hope I can relate to someone out there whether you are a mom, soon to be mom, you stay at home you go to work, thinking about running your own business or your not sure the last time you showered...have a good laugh at my expense...I did.

6:30am- I wake up to hear Avery heading downstairs, she hears daddy. He is getting her a bowl of cereal.
6:45- I role out of bed and grab Caden (he's thrown everything out of his crib) and head down and get him breakfast...we say goodnight to daddy.

7:30- Before I start breakfast cleanup I have to unload the clean dishwasher, ugh.

7:35- Caden wants dry cereal in a snack cup (didn't I just feed him?). I send him on his way so he won't climb in the dishwasher (yeah right!). I forget to put the cover on his cup...

7:36- clean up cereal off the floor put it back in his cup with the cover this time (don't judge)

7:47- Avery wants to color so I get her set up...still trying to empty the dishwasher by the way.

7:53- crap he found me...

7:57- after listening to her complain for 10 minutes that she can't draw a watering can I reluctantly help...and get far to into it (still emptying the dishwasher by the way)

8:18- dishwasher is finally empty and reloaded, dishes are done, phew!

8:20- Finally have a cup of coffee and flip through a catalog that came in the mail about a week ago for 5 minutes

8:25- give up on the catalog and sit on the floor to play with Caden so he leaves Avery alone when she colors because he enjoys dumping out the marker bin. He goes off to play and I find myself watching Mickey Mouse is still hot though!

8:42- sneak to the shower, she's in charge. I got some awesome scrub at Lush recently and tried it out. Has lime infused in vodka...the smell reminds me of Margaritas, is it to early for one?

8:53- out of the shower they survived, no tears.

9:07- I'm dressed have to stop and watch "a move"...he stole her cup, it has lemonade in it.

9:13- attempting to do makeup and hair, this ones getting to smart.

9:31- they're dressed! (and snacking!) I finish getting ready and brush my teeth while brushing her hair.

See I'm in real clothes! I even wore my "pearls"!

9:54- have the car running snacks packed and just buckled them in. Run back in to make a cup of coffee for the road and glance at the bomb that went off in the living room but turn and head out the door.

10:00- Pull out of the driveway, I need gas...and I'm hungry should have grabbed a banana.

10:08- pumping gas and thinking about the germs on the gas pump (I'm a germaphobe) also took the opportunity to clean the trash out of my car.

10:15- on the road to meet a friend and her kids for a playdate and lunch (it was a school vacation day). Get behind a lady who had no idea how to operator her car...the wipers and blinkers we're going crazy. Think about how Jeff always says there's no shortness of stupid drivers.

10:40- arrive 10 minutes late at the jump park. I did't even have the chance to document the next 2.5 hours it was chaos. Lots of kids and I lost Caden. I'll let you picture that!

1pm- head home

1:25- Arrive home and successfully transfer him to his crib. I let her have some quiet computer time on PBSkids. I do a quick 5 minute clean up.

1:30pm- head to the basement to prime a mirror and some wood samples for potential client. Ended up also waxing a dresser and 2's 3:30! How did that happen?! 

Avery did make her way down with me but she plays well while I work or paints on her easel. Jeff also got up at some point and had to head out to pick up his work car as it was being repaired for what feels like the 100th time.

3:35- still can't believe how much i got accomplished. Go to put something in the fridge which leads to cleaning out all the old tupperware. 7 in total! And have to load the dishwasher again!

3:40- Jeff gets home. I'm slicing potatoes to roast for dinner.

4:00-5:00- we play with the kids for a bit and start dinner prep. Avery does yoga.

6:00- Done dinner, I clean up while Jeff plays with the kids. Not sure when Caden lost his pants...

6:15- up to the the kids room for jammies and playing

6:30- Caden wants his bottle (the kid is like clockwork) and we try to start settling downed read books.

7:00- Caden is in bed.

7:15- Avery is in bed.

7:19- Jeff needs to cut his hair so I head back to the basement to paint. Got a coat of paint on a clients mirror and my sample boards.

8:00- pour a glass of wine and have a piece of Trader Joe's Cowboy Bark!

8:02- sit with the computer and start drafting a quote to a potential client while Jeff showers.

8:25- Jeff has to polish his brass...13 buttons on the winter uniform I think. I catch up on emails, scan Pinterest and the MLS listings.

9:00- Done! Cath up on some DVR and relax before it all starts over tomorrow.