November 15, 2014

urban salvage company. the beginning of something great.

Hey Guys! It's me, Courtney...and I'm back!

Whether you've been following me from the beginning of Reckless Glamour (my former site) or you're new and just happen to stumble upon my page, Welcome!

So let's quickly catch you up to speed.

I refurbish old outdated furniture into one of a kind unique peices. I've been doing it for over 4 years now. I have two kids. Avery is 4.5 and Caden is about to be 1!

I'm what you call a stay at home working mom. 

Is that such a thing? 

It's hard, it's tiring and a major juggling act my work day doesn't start until everyone is tucked into bed. Sometimes its hard to steer clear of the couch and put my painting clothes on when sweats and a glass of wine are calling my name but it's all for the love of what I do.

I've been doing a lot of dreaming this past year about who I am and what it is I want to do. From that Urban Salvage was created and is a better fit for what I'm all about. 
I am not a blogger, I do not want to make money from blogging. 
Although I DIY a lot of stuff I am not a DIY' step by step instructional here.

I find and salvage quality pieces into modern day furniture. This site is where I'll share that stuff along with other cool finds with you.

I'll share tips, tricks and techniques about furniture, styling and design. I'll also share inspiring spaces and cool product finds.

So sit back check out my new site and join me on this new journey I'm embarking on!

(photos courtesy of Nathan Ekis Photography)

Now for some quick housekeeping:

I'll be phasing our "Reckless Glamour Design" and moving my email list here if you'd like to join or be removed please drop me a note.

For the time being I'll be keeping the Reckless Glamour Facebook page and hoping to change the name.

And for all the behind the scenes fun with my work and family you can see my Instagram feed here or follow me at 'Averybird24"



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